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lundi 2 juillet 2018

Party Bag Filler Ideas With Unicorn Poo

By Dennis Myers

Parties wouldn't be the same without party bags. They always brighten up that moment when the party is over and everything has to return back to normal. The latest popular item to put in these fun little bags is an unusual one, but very popular. Unicorn poo could be the best item to find in a party bag and is sure to make every child smile.

There are a few things that are essential in any party bag. Sweets or chocolate are a must. No one ever stuck their hand in the bag and wished a lolly was actually an apple. Toys are another essential. They don't need to be expensive, but they do need to be there. The final ingredient needs to be surprise. A little something to stun the kids and really make them smile.

Over the last few years, unicorns have been becoming more and more popular. They were always a firm favourite with children, but lately even adults have hopped on the unicorn-love-train. Everything about these magical creatures has been used to make merchandise and now the powers that be have even managed to make their poo popular.

If you have a child you will know that for some reason poo is hilarious to them. It might be disgusting and unhygienic, but maybe that is part of its charm for kids. So it is not surprising that silly putty has been re-marketed as magical poo. It is possibly a stroke of genius for the marketing professional who came up with the idea.

There are many uses for this disgusting yet fascinating kids toy and they aren't just for kids. Manipulating the dough and using it as a stress ball is a very effective use for kids and adults alike. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a handful and squeezing so hard that all your tension melts away as it squishes between your fingers.

Children don't need instruction manuals or inspiration for how to play and that is certainly the case with this peculiar item. Once they have got their hands on it you will have trouble prying it out of them. Whether they throw it at each other or mould it into little sculptures, their imaginations will be hard at work.

If your child is particularly obsessed with unicorns, why not make it the theme of the entire party bag, or even the entire party. There are many products out there in line with this theme that are reasonably priced due to their popularity. Nothing excites the imagination like a party of magical creatures where kids can happily play with poo.

If there is one thing about children that will never change, it is the natural delight they find in anything disgusting. Farts and poo have and always will be one of the best ways to make children laugh, so putty in the form of poo is sure to set their imaginations alight.

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