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lundi 6 novembre 2017

Nutritional Importance Of Fava Beans

By Brenda Cox

Humans have grown These crops since the ancient times of early civilization. They grow quickly and mostly as cover crops. This is because they are nitrogen fixers which is their natural ability since they are legumes. The difference between fava beans and other beans is that they can thrive even in severe environmental stress such cold spell or the hypertonic environment.

They are easily harvested while they are still young because, at this time, their leaves and immature pods can be eaten. The immature seeds can be used to make pot herbs which is a popular dish of the ancient times. The mature ones are usually removed from the pods and boiled to remove the seed coat or be fried.

They have immense health benefits to humans as they are rich in plant protein and vitamins such as vitamin k and B6 which are essential for growth and development of humans. It also contains substances such as folic acid which enhances the metabolic activities of the body leading to high energy production. They also play a role in the proper function of the immune system and blood.

Broad grain has been known to be very important in the diet of a pregnant woman. Mostly this is usually associated with the reduction of the risks of congenital disabilities. This is due to the abundant folate content in them. Consumption of these gains during the first few week of pregnancy when the fetus is developing is the best time.

Elements such as manganese are found in plenty in these grains and play a role in increasing the weight of the also promotes acquisition and utilization of calcium which results in healthy bone formation. Disease such as the osteoporosis can be prevented when the patients consume these berries which contain such essential elements.

Many humans depend on magnesium supplements for the food they eat. It is a very beneficial element contained in broad grains and other foods. It is usually helpful in the prevention of hypertension and other heart-related diseases. It causes the reduction in blood pressure to normal. Broad beans seem like a whole package of nutrition that you may want to consider when it comes to health.

For the body to respond to the diseases, it needs a strong immune system. These grains are rich in copper which keeps the health of the blood cells in check. They boost the activities of the leucocytes as they destroy the free radicles that may cause the formation of tumors and cancer cells. These can be supplemented in the diet since the body produces very little of it. Other health benefits include prevention and control of diseases such as Parkinson disease.

However, there are others who do not eat these grains since they affect their health. There are medications that when taken cannot allow a person to eat these seeds because they may have the negative reaction. Some genetic factors have also been associated with the inability to consume these beans. Favism is as a result of consumption of broad grains by people suffering from a genetic disorder that does not allow them to eat is characterized by hemolytic anemia where white blood cells are destroyed at a high rate.

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