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jeudi 9 novembre 2017

The Kinds Of Sushi Sonoma Count To Eat

By Ann Clark

The Sonoma area is a treasure of restaurants to eat at, including many ethnic cuisines that are sure to delight your senses and transport you to another country. Many people get a craving for sushi Sonoma Count because of the delicate nature of the raw fish, and the way it is eaten raw or combined with other ingredients for a filling, satisfying meal that is unlike any other food.

Sushi hails from Japan, which is a large island with multiple smaller islands, completely surrounded by water. With all that ocean, it makes sense that the foremost cuisine of the culture centers upon fish. The fish is usually raw, though certain kinds such as eel or shrimp are cooked before serving. Most dishes also include rice that has been flavored with a special vinegar blend to complement the rest of the ingredients.

When most people think of this dish, they most likely think of nigiri in their minds. This is a very common type that uses a small cake of rice shaped like a finger as a base. Then a tiny bit of wasabi is placed on the rice, then it is topped with a similarly shaped cut of raw fish or egg omelet. The wasabi is a spicy green paste made from ground horseradish root, but if you do not care for spice, you can omit this.

Norimaki, or maki as it is also called, is a roll that is filled with traditional and some nontraditional ingredients. The nori, or seaweed, is a sheet that is placed flat and topped with seasoned rice. Then the filling is added, which can include vegetables such as cumber and avocado, or crab, tuna, salmon or other seafood such as eel. It is rolled, cut into bite size pieces, then sometimes topped with a sauce.

Next up is sashimi, which is really thin pieces of fish served all on their own, such as tuna or salmon. This is almost exclusively served raw and with no toppings so that you can really get a feel for the freshness and true, unadulterated taste of the seafood. It is easily the purest form of this cuisine.

Chirashi is pieces of sashimi that are usually placed on top of an entire bowl of rice, rather than on a slim finger-shaped cake of rice. The slices are often placed in a way that produces a pattern or some other kind of arrangement that makes it look almost like a work of art.

Inari looks like little golden or brown pouches, and usually do not contain any kind of meat or protein. Instead, they are stuffed with rice, or sometimes with a mix of rice and vegetables. Sometimes the rice is seasoned with mirin, which is a kind of sweet sake.

Most dishes are served with a side of soy sauce, and perhaps some extra wasabi if you like heat. Gari, or pickled ginger, is also served as a palette cleanser so you taste the true flavor of each piece of sushi.

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