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mardi 7 novembre 2017

Why You Should Eat Chocolate Macadamia Nuts

By Roger Lee

There are different types of nuts and they all play equally important roles. However, none can beat the numerous benefits that the chocolate macadamia nuts may offer. It may boost general health in addition to relieving stress. Apart from this, they make a good treat as compared to ordinary candy.

People, who consume nuts, stand to gain a lot health wise. For one, they have been known to lower cholesterol levels. They contain high levels of mono-unsaturated fats namely, palmitoleic acid, and oleic acid, which helps in decreasing the level of bad fat (low density lipoprotein) and increasing good fat (high density lipoprotein). This in turn helps the body in maintaining blood profile that is healthy, in addition to keeping a stable cholesterol profile.

They reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. This is a condition that causes blood vessels or arteries to thicken; thus, minimizing maximum blood circulation to important body organs. By increasing your daily nut intake, you will be reducing the risk of developing such a condition. Studies carried out have gone to show that increasing intake lowers the chances of developing this kind of condition.

They help in heart disease prevention. Numerous studies have shown that when a person, who consumes more macadamia nuts will less likely run the risk of getting such a condition. The high content in minerals helps in reducing chances of acquiring problems associated with the heart. Such minerals may include zinc, selenium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron that aids in curbing heart disease.

You are less likely to suffer from inflammatory conditions. The high vitamin and mineral content helps a lot in inhibiting agents that may cause this kind of disease. Thus, by increasing your daily income you will be reducing your chances of acquiring such a condition.

Macadamia has also been known to reduce oxidation stress. This is a condition where the tissues and cells suffer damage. It is a dangerous condition, because it is usually results into more serious conditions such as cancer, heart disease as well as diabetes. Apart from this, it also boosts the aging process. However, with the presence of vitamins A and E, one cannot have the risk of suffering from such a condition.

They have also been known to help in the prevention of cancer. They have a high content of flavonoid, which acts as a protector of plant cell from toxins and other harmful elements. Thus, when it enters the body it acts as a protective agent guarding body cells from toxic cancer causing factors or free radical, which is the major cause of most cancer conditions.

Lastly, it helps maintain blood pressure as well as improving digestion. These nuts have a high content of potassium that helps in leveling blood pressure. It also helps in the maintenance of a normal heart beat. It is also rich in sodium, which helps in reducing hypertension. Its rich fiber content also helps to boost bowel movements; thus, improving digestion. Therefore, as already seen, these nuts are healthy and give out a lot of benefits; thus, good for consumption.

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