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dimanche 15 avril 2018

Different Types Of Knife Rolls Suitable For A Private Chef Healdsburg CA

By Frances Parker

Knives are useful tools in the kitchen necessary for almost every single recipe even the simple ones. However, blades can be very dangerous when used by the wrong people for the wrong purpose. Knives can also be hazardous when they are mishandled. They can develop severe cuts that need a remedy to avoid severe bleeding. Thus, knife rolls were designed to enable safe transportation of knives and prevent accidents. Below are the different types of knife rolls suitable for a private chef Healdsburg CA.

Bodric canvas knife bag. If you a cool chef who does not want to call for attention at the subway, airport or harbor and you just have six knives to carry along with you, then you have to consider using this one. It has a flip to cover your blades and a belt going around the bag making sure your knives are secure and nonexistent to the eyes of your travel buddies.

Boldric one buckle leather knife bag. Knives can be stressing and have to be buckled up to avoid careless mistakes and accidents. This bag ensures that by providing for a buckle to buckle up your knives after you have properly packed them. It is brown and carries a maximum of eight blades.

Boldric messenger leather knife bag. As the name suggests, it obviously looks like a bag used by a messenger to run his errands. It looks like a suitcase with one handle at the top and two buckles at the side. This is a comfortable bag to carry around even for a walk. It is brown and can carry a maximum of ten knives.

Vogue knife case. As the name suggests, it is a small, tiny and attractive case that is used to hold knives for chefs as they travel all over the world to fulfill their career goals. It is black thus does not attract much attention apart from being attractive. It has a small black zip at the end to ensure that the knives are well enclosed during the journey.

Vogue canvas knife wallet. This is a wallet that is used to store and carry knives. There are three main types. One that has eleven slots thus carries eleven blades, the other has fourteen slots thus carries fourteen knives, and the last one has ten slots thus it carries not more than ten knives. They have tiny pockets like those in a wallet where the blades are kept. They are flexible and are usually folded and tied with a sling.

Vogue nylon wallet. This kind of wallet is the same as the one explained above only that it is made up of nylon instead of a canvas like the first one. The nylon wallet type caters for two main types the one that has thirteen slots to accommodate thirteen knives and the other one that has sixteen slots to cater for sixteen blades. They are also folded and tied with a sling that matches the color of the wallet.

Victorinox knife roll bag. The wallet is unique since it uses polyamide material. They are big hence are used to carry big knives. They have eight wallets to hold not less than eight knives.

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