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jeudi 19 avril 2018

How To Find Authentic Greek Food Fort Lauderdale

By Robert Lee

You may be reading this article right now for the plain reason that your are in Fort Lauderdale at the moment. And while you are in Florida, you may have a hankering for some great Greek food that your friends have been telling about. Due to this you want to find the best Greek food Fort Lauderdale establishments around. Do read on in this article to give you an inkling on how to look for one that is authentic.

The Greek term for restaurant is taverna. And in these tavernas are served the usual fare of spit roasted meats and charcoal grilled delights. Souvlaki, the plural being souvlakia, are the popular food served in Greek restaurants. It is made up of small pieces of vegetables and meat grilled on a skewer and seasoned very well. It is usually eaten off the skewer and classified as a fast food.

The gyro is something that is found in these restaurants also. They are basically souvlakis but wrapped in a pita bread and served with a yogurt cream. The yogurt cream is called tzatziki and must be homemade to be really authentic.

Freshness of ingredients when it comes to fish and vegetables is a must. The Greeks are sticklers for freshness especially when it comes to their fish and seafood preparations. For them seafood is best served either as salads, spreads or soup dishes.

The biggest rule in the tavern is that the dishes must be freshly made and cooked. You should not find dishes that has been reheated from the previous day. Everything that is served must be made and cooked fresh. Thus sometimes you may wonder why orders take a bit longer in a Greek taverna when compared to other eating places.

It is expected that wine is always served during meals, particularly dinner. And there should be a respectable wine list offering to pair with the dishes that you order and enjoy. It is also interesting to note that in Europe and Greece, children are allowed a bit of wine also, and this may also be true of the tavern you will visit. Just make sure that they do not drink too much though.

Also price should be reasonable and should not pauper you. Platters, whether it be gyro platters or otherwise should not cost you more than ten to fifteen dollars at most, and wraps should not get over eight dollars whatever the reason, unless you are at a very swanky taverna.

And lastly the people eating there should be of Mediterranean and Greek descent and if they are, then you know that they know the real deal when they see it. And if this is the case, then you are in luck for you know that you are in an actual tavern eating authentic fare.

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