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jeudi 19 avril 2018

Tips In Finding The Best Margherita Pizza In Cape May NJ

By Dorothy Richardson

You are on this article maybe because you are hungry and are in Cape May at the moment, either just passing through or actually staying a few days or so. You have a hankering for some good old pizza and you want to know where to find the best Margherita Pizza in Cape May NJ. Well do read on in this article so you will know how to judge for yourself what is the best or not.

A good idea at this time may be to use a checklist to assist you. This list will help in making sure you do not miss a thing, for you cannot always commit everything to memory. Having a checklist is a smart thing to do in making sure things are not left out, especially important items.

Crust is something that makes up the perfect Margherita. It is basically the signature of any pizza and distinguishes one from the others. The crust should be homemade and not bought off the shelf like some restaurants will do. It should also be made fresh and not thawed from frozen.

Fresh ingredients is also something that a good Margherita is made of, and the fresher the better. The best ingredients are made from scratch and not something that comes from a package or bottle, and they will always taste better of course. If you are not sure if the ingredients are fresh, you can always politely ask the restaurant owner.

How much sauce is used is also a deal breaker. The classic Margherita uses sauce sparingly, just enough to give flavor and taste, but not too much as to make the crust wet and soggy, robbing it of its crunch. No matter how many toppings are used, five is the maximum for this kind of pizza, the same amount of sauce is always used.

An oven that burns wood, that is a trade secret that gives any pizza the best flavor around. Only a few restaurants would use wood burning ovens and you should be able to find this out easily. Go for the restaurant that used wood burning ovens for their creations, and you will not regret it.

Also when at the restaurant, do check out the clientele. If the clientele are mostly Italians then you cannot go wrong. For definitely they are the ones who invented the dish so you cannot go wrong if they think that the food served at a particular place is good enough for them also. If it is good for the Italians, then it will be definitely be good for you.

This short article basically shows what you need to do to sniff your way into finding the best Margherita around. There are of course other things you can do, by looking at reviews for example. But of course it will be much more fun of trying to find out on your own with the help of this article.

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