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vendredi 6 avril 2018

Passover And Eating Kosher Meals

By Douglas Richardson

Eating out the Jewish way has never been easier especially if one lives in a neighbourhood with a strong Jewish community. Kosher meals are to be had as a take out or just sitting down and enjoying favourite specialities in this type of cuisine. Over Passover, Jews the world over partake of meals such as chicken soup with kneidlach amongst many others.

Passover falls in the month of Nisan in the Jewish Calendar. Just by searching the World Wide Web, one can get an idea of what is eaten during this time. These custom foods go back centuries and have recipes have been passed down from mother to daughter and so on. Passover is celebrated to commemorate the Exodus from Egypt many years ago and falls in the month of Spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

It commemorates the time that the Children of Israel left Egypt where they were in bondage as slaves. The story of the Exodus from Egypt is read from a book called the Haggadah which alludes to the story of the Jews who left Egypt under the guidance of a prophet known as Moses. From there they were lead into the desert where they reached a mountain called Har Sinai.

Here it is believed that the Bible was communicated from the word of G-d to the prophet Moses whereby it was written down into the Five Books of Moses that has been handed down through the centuries and is read and studied until this day. To commemorate this time, many different meals are partaken of that symbolizes the food of this time. For one, matzah or unleavened bread is eaten throughout this festival.

For one, Jews are only allowed to eat matzah or unleavened bread at this time as it commemorates the bread the Israelites ate when coming out of Egypt. Because they were in such a rush to leave, the bread baked at this time did not have time to rise and so to this day, unleavened bread is eaten throughout the duration of this festival. It tastes a little like dried crackers and has its distinctive taste which is actually enjoyed by Jews and Non-Jews alike.

Other foods that are eaten during this time and especially at the Seder meal, are among many, Haroseth. This is a mixture of crushed almonds, apple and wine that is mixed into a thickish consistency. It symbolizes the mortar and bricks that were worked with by the Israelites during this period of captivity.

Other foods that are eaten are gefilte fish with chrain. Gefilte fish is a fish ball essentially and is eaten with horseradish. The horseradish is bitter to commemorate the bitter lives that were lived during this time and to remind the Jewish people of today the hard times that Jews have had to live through throughout the millennia.

It is a time of celebration. Eat well, live well. This is a time to be as kosher as can be.

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