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dimanche 8 avril 2018

Quality Wholesale Ice Bags To Promote Your Brand

By Sarah Bennett

Perhaps one is in the hotel business. Maybe you own a chain of convenience stores or a catering company. You can make a lot of money from wholesale ice distribution. Well, sales spike around the holiday season, but you can actually deliver these products throughout the year. To do this, you need a high-quality wholesale ice bags that deliver the product to your customers in a way that creates a great impression.

If you run a business where ice is your flagship product, you should get information regarding the kind of packaging bags you should use. When shopping, you might find making a decision hard because there is so much choice when it comes to size, the material used, types, and printing quality. Fortunately, you are here, and you can pick an idea or two.

Ensure you buy the right quality for your requirements. Filling bags that are poorly made can be quite difficult to fill. If the manufacturer makes them too thin, you end up with products that break into an annoying mess, not forgetting you will be losing money. You are better off spending a lit bit more money and getting the right product. Cheap can be dear when it comes to these items.

Luckily, superior quality bags do not cost beyond what a business like yours can afford. It is, therefore, not a smart move to buy products that cannot be used properly. Eventually, you will need to abandon the pieces and order quality ones. It is imperative that you make the best decision right off the bat to avoid frustration later on.

On the market, you will often find three different styles. You can buy wicket bags, drawstring, and the open top. The Open top variety features an open top that is closed with a twist tie. These are available in various sizes and pre-printed labels. The drawstring choice has built-in cotton drawstrings that make them easy to close securely. You will find them in different sizes.

If you are a wholesaler who uses automatic or semiautomatic bulk packaging machines, the drawstring type is a suitable option. This type requires you to open it manually. They are filled while still on the wicket. They can be ordered in different sizes, and you can have the manufacturer design custom labels. When using high-performance machines, you can opt to use single centerfold sheeting roll stock.

There are certain regulations concerning these items that you must be aware of. The FDA categorizes ice as a food item. That means that all the fundamental FDA Food Code rules concerning sanitation and safety come into play. Take some time and read through the law to be sure one is fully compliant. One is in legal business and do not wish to be on the wrong side of the law.

Another critical regulation to observe is the one that directs how you are to do labelling. This piece of regulation demands that you be transparent in the way you present information. You must mean what you say about every claim that you make. Additionally, this rule directs that you display your business name and location on the package. Here is an opportunity to get your brand out there.

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