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dimanche 10 juin 2018

Cutting Loose In A Cocktail Bar

By Christine Carter

Intellect allowed humans to create tools and as soon as the first person tied a sharp rock to a long stick, it was over for the other animals. Humanity kept on building from that one innovation, creating newer and more effective ways to bring the world to heel. Those tools proved to be effective, so much so that other primates are now endangered and must be protected. But for all of its technology and innovation, human survival is predicated upon social bonds. Humanity does not survive without people becoming emotionally attached to one another. Those bonds can be formed in a cocktail bar Killeen TX.

A cocktail is an alcoholic beverage. It is generally made from a mixture of one or more substances. They can come in a variety of colors and can sometimes have names that are just puns.

Beer, whiskey, rum, scotch, and vodka are all drinks by themselves. They can be consumed with any additional trimmings. But a cocktail is by its very nature not something that can be consumed immediately. It has to be prepared first.

An individual can drink for a number of reasons. For some, drinking is a social activity, something to be done with friends and colleagues in order to help form and strengthen social bonds. To others, it can be done to calm the nerves, to literally drown anxiety. Some do not drink alcohol at all.

But some individuals drink because they feel like they need to. Some people believe that alcohol is every bit of a necessity as air. The need can be so strong that the mind and body can react accordingly and malfunction when a person does not get a sip. A person like that should seek proper care as soon as possible.

Now, bars are great places to meet other people. Bars are usually where individuals congregate and commiserate with each other. Friends will often meet at a bar, very much like the watering hole in the wild.

But bars are not just places for friends to interact. People can also meet potential romantic partners in such places. Even a couple that is already in a relationship can meet in one, as they are crowded enough that people can feel safe but also private enough that they can enjoy the company of one another.

But at the end of the night, a person has to go home. Some individuals own and operate cars. However, the operation of a vehicle while inebriated is not recommended. Hence, it is important for a group to have a designated driver, someone who remains sober throughout the evening. If not, a ride sharing app should be used. Failing that, a cab can be taken.

Human beings are, relative to other great ape species, pretty weak. Even chimpanzees, which are slightly smaller than human beings, possess around one and one half times the strength than an average human being has. A gorilla is both bigger and much stronger. But it is not another great ape species that holds dominion over the planet. It is the human being, a creature whose biological evolution sacrificed muscular development for cognitive power. The human body may be weaker, but humanity compensates for such shortcomings by being much, much smarter than a chimp or a gorilla.

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