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dimanche 24 juin 2018

Try Dairy Free Whipped Cream To Make Fast Sweet Treats

By Ryan Phillips

The battle of the bulge often restricts what some call guilty pleasures. These days, food lovers and renowned chefs are finding new ways for regular people to enjoy the dishes they love. This includes dessert, as more are calling for dairy free whipped cream as a way to reduce saturated fat.

At one time, plant diets seemed only right for rabbits. With no flavor and less variety, it is no wonder that anyone who followed the old way of going vegetarian lost weight quickly. However, it seems like only a handful of people could make this way of eating a lifestyle.

While almond, oat, and rice milk are very popular, cashew and coconut varieties give the best texture, due to its dense texture. There are also recipes made from tofu or soy but those looking to drop a few pounds by converting to a plant diet may want to consult a physician. The reason is that soy isoflavones can change the hormonal balance of some women and make it harder to lose weight.

Those who have tried the dairy free version mostly say that it actually tastes better than the traditional recipe. One reason is that nuts have their own natural sweetness that complements the dessert. Others say they are just happy to have something creamy that does not contain as much saturated fat as the dairy version.

While there are many recipes to be found, most of these are made from coconut milk, soy, or tofu products, as these have a denser texture. There are also whipped recipes that use cashew or oat milk. The nutrient values for most of these but almost all recipes have zero saturated fat. An advantage to making it at home is being able to add extra ingredients like ground cinnamon or vanilla extract.

What some people like about these whipped cream recipes is the fact that few use regular sugar. While powdered sugar may make the texture a little denser, it does not take a lot to bring out the naturally sweet flavor of the nuts. This is why using ingredients like honey or molasses can be done sparingly, as these sweeteners also have a small number of nutrients.

Besides using cream to top cakes, puddings, and pies, these can also be enjoyed alone. One way is to make a low fat frozen treat like mock cream popsicles. This can be achieved by mixing in a flavored gelatin packet and stirring to desired consistency. Then place into individual containers before placing inside the freezer. While plain nondairy milk products cannot be frozen, these will keep for up to two months.

While some may pass on dessert for a number of reasons, there is nothing with having a sweet treat once in a while. Calorie conscious individuals may find dietetic versions of their favorites in most books and magazines. There are also online demonstrations that show how to make homemade desserts in a matter of minutes. Making dishes at home is also a good way to give old classics a personalized touch.

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